At-Home Whitening

Teeth darken and stain
No matter how well you take care of your teeth, they can darken and stain over time.

Before we begin any whitening treatment, we check the health of your teeth and repair any damage.

We may take impressions of your teeth. From the impressions, we make plastic trays to fit your teeth exactly.

You use these trays at home with a special whitening gel that is stronger than any over-the-counter product.

At home procedure
Place a small amount of the whitening gel on the front surface of the trays and place them over your teeth. If gel gets on your gums, simply wipe it off.

You wear the trays for about two weeks. Depending on your situation, we may recommend that you wear the tray an hour a day or overnight.

You should see results in just a few weeks.
A home whitening system can—

  • lighten teeth stained by coffee, tea and wine.
  • be done at your convenience.

Because the trays are custom made, they fit securely over your teeth.

Home whitening can be an easy way to help brighten your smile.

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