Cone Beam X-ray

Cone beam produces better images
X-rays are an important diagnostic tool in dentistry. But, x-rays can only give a two-dimensional side view.

Now, Cone beam x-ray technology produces a high resolution, three-dimensional, color image with unprecedented detail.

We can zoom through the image to view bone and soft tissue with incredible accuracy. We can see images from every angle, including the biting surfaces of teeth.

This can be used to create a 3-D model to be used for planning and eliminate the need to take a traditional impression.

The procedure
To get a cone beam CT scan, simply ease into the chin rest. The procedure usually takes only a few seconds and can be done right here in our office.

As the camera moves around your head, a cone-shaped beam gets a complete x-ray.

The benefits
The precision of the 3-D image is extremely useful in placing implants, planning orthodontic treatment, locating root canals, evaluating problems with the jaw joints, and diagnosing possible cysts, tumors, or infections at earlier stages.

Cone beam x-rays help us plan your treatment with increased accuracy and a more detailed diagnosis. It’s a technological advancement that helps us improve your oral health.

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